The natural beauty of Río San Juan is matched only by the culture of its residents and buildings. The area’s colorful architecture and strong sense of community reflect the vibrant and welcoming personalities that make it a home for over 16,000 Dominicans. This sense of family and community lies at the very heart of every event and project undertaken by Alegría Gri Grí. We look to preserve and spread happiness created by the help we can give to those who need it.
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Alegría Gri Gri is closely involved with many organizations and committees that stress the importance of community, including a local basketball league. Contributions from volunteers and donors help to provide support for youth involved in sports and activities, promoting teamwork and friendship.

Children are a cornerstone of the community in Río San Juan. At a very early age, they are faced with the realities of having to fend for themselves and understand the harsh nature of the real world. Through our youth-centered events, donations and drives, it is our goal these children can learn to greet the world with a smile and enjoy their youth without worry.
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Alegría Gri Gri hosts a number of events that aim to benefit children. From our various toy and clothing drives to holiday events such as the Three Kings celebration every January 6th, we stress the importance of happiness for the youngest residents of Río San Juan.

Alegría Gri Gri has undertaken multiple projects aiming to highlight the importance of a strong educational background. In an area such as Río San Juan, the skills developed through learning can be just as much of a gift as physical donations. We host a number of programs and events targeting literacy and education, from school drives to our full library construction project in the heart of Río San Juan.
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Our library project has been collecting books in both Spanish and English, in the hopes that the residents of Río San Juan have a safe and fun place to learn and read.

Río San Juan is a small community on the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. The town features several defining landmarks and unique environmental features, including the freshwater Laguna Gri Gri and the mangroves that surround the brackish inlet leading to the Atlantic Ocean. The area’s features serve as a backdrop to the lives of people that need help, and it’s through the assistance of donations and projects that we can hope to improve the living conditions of Dominicans without impacting the beauty of their surroundings.
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The environment is a huge part of life for Río San Juan’s residents. The town depends on fish, conch, livestock and other local natural food for both nutrition and economical purposes, and preserving the ability to live off the land goes a long way in helping to make a difference.