Alegría Gri Gri accepts a variety of donations, from money to clothing and toys. When you give any type of donation, you’re ensuring a difference is being made for someone in Río San Juan. That means an extra meal, some clothing, or a toy on Christmas.
Whether it’s time or money, a donation doesn’t just help preserve the culture; it helps to preserve life. That’s why we believe in the freedom to customize your donation: you choose to contribute money directly or help us shop for items on location in Río San Juan.

Our community is looking for:

School Supplies
Books (English and Spanish)
Monetary Donations
Physical donations may be sent to:

Alegría Gri Gri
8 Fountain St.
Clinton, NY 13323
(201) 888-8169


Your contributions can mean a world of difference for the people of Río San Juan, but that’s only half the battle. Some of our biggest projects involve clothing and toy distribution, as well as our library construction aimed at strengthening the literacy of adults and children in the Dominican Republic.
While a donation can bring joy and satisfaction to people’s lives, seeing the smiles created by your generosity in person can be the most rewarding. We’re looking for professionals of all backgrounds and disciplines to share their skills with the people of Río San Juan. Whether you’re a doctor, writer, teacher or just interested in helping out, your skills can only help to improve this special community! Click the button below to download our Volunteer Application, which you can email or send to address on the form.


Over the years, Alegría Gri Gri has partnered with a number of other foundations, groups and people in order to realize common goals. We truly believe it is these partnerships that not only help to carry out our objectives, but spread the spirit of community and friendship that makes Río San Juan such a special place in the world.
Is your organization or foundation looking to help the community in the Dominican Republic? Click the button below to download the Collaborate With Us Application, which you can email or send to the address on the form.